Friday, May 7, 2010

sally hansen insta-dri kicks ass

rapid red and grape going

2 colors from the collection ive worn recently

best polish collection on earth. great colors, thick, dries superfast, wide brush for one stroke coverage.

for a guy with wide fingers the wider brush is a blessing as it makes it easier to cover

dries very fast, for those of us in a hurry, this is a blessing

a wide variety of colors. all very different, but very cool

the color seems to hold up pretty well

5/12 edit:

add the color night flight to the list

its a very dark blue that almost appears black

some pics

some pics to show you guys can pull off great nails too

Men do you have long nails?

because i do and i love them. if you dont i have to ask why you dont? there is nothing wrong with a guy having long, beautifully polished, well manicured nails.

im 30 years old. i own my own company. got married almost 7 years ago. my wife is a nail tech who also owns her own business. about 5 years ago she talked me into a french pedicure. i loved it. then about 3 years ago she talked me into a french manicure. i fought her for awhile but finally gave in. when i did i had very short french tips barely past my finger tip. they stayed that length for awhile but evenutally those got a bit longer. then even longer yet. about a year and a half ago they were about a half inch long and finally gave into colors that werent french tips. in the past year they have gotten longer, faster. currently they are about 1 3/8 inches past my finger tips. or about 35mm to some of you. as theyve gotten longer ive tried more and more colors and even lately become obsessed with nail art. my wife has done some amazing thing. todays world is all about "equality". women want equal rights with men, why cant we also have equal rights with women and be able to have long manicured nails? is there a law against it? not that im aware of.

why can women have great looking long nails but us men cant? well boys......we can

ive been doing it for over 3 years now........with them having gotten much longer over the past 2 years. they will continue to get longer and look great as time goes by. mine will probably wind up close to 2 inches over the next few years.

come on guys, you know you want to get your nails done, now is the time to do it.

im now gonna post some pics to show you how good it can look on you too even if you arent a rock star or gay. you can be straight, not a rock star and have great looking nails.